The Missions

Fil-Am GivingTalao-Talao Medical FeedingMangyan

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Showing your good deeds is not arrogance…it is living by example for others to emulate.I learned much from the great works of Mother Teresa and although I will not be able to match her generosity and kindness,I will always try to live by her examples of humanitarian works.Each one,be kind to one,and the whole world will be a compassionate place to dwell on.
We don’t have to look for happiness when we have the right mental attitude.How do you acquire the right attitude? By having storage of love in your heart.Love can cure almost all the human emotional ailment.We might experience topsy turvy road of our human nature but love is still the potion we should be looking for.
Hatred and indifference can be cured by love.Love can wipe out unforgiving spirit.The key to happiness is love…provided you’ve learned how to bestow an unconditional love.It is a giving process.If you can learn detachment from the object or thing of your desire…then,most likely you will find happiness wherever you are.
~Julie Cox~









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